Single super mama!



Juggling life with children is not easy for any parent whether you are together or you separated. Now; only imagine how I manage as a single working mother. Going to work alone requires childcare therefore in most cases, we are really working to pay the childminder.

“But every parent goes through that” , you might say.

Well, the point I am trying to put across is that when you are a couple you can share the responsibility.

Who is going to pick the children up from school or from the childminder? Who is going to drop them off? the option is there.

I suppose if you are in good terms with the father of your children then this option is there too. However, for some of us who are in “okay” terms with the father of their  children but exist miles apart from each other and also live completely separate lives as well, hmm, that is a different story (my current situation). Or even worse, for those single mothers who are completely alone without the support of their children’s father. Soooo different!

Never mind childminders during working hours, a simple outing with friends or colleagues is a massive challenge. Once again; if you have no family support then that means more childcare costs!.  Anyways, the cost of evening or social hours babysitting has risen so much that it forces us single mothers to remain at home and not even bother. Once that happens ;then our social life is out of  the window!.

“You cant expect to find a partner/ husband while sitting at home”

This is something most of us hear from our parents ,family members and friends. Well, that explains why most of us single mothers cant find any good quality men to make honest women out of us. At the end we resort to dating websites which are even worse than just staying at home and remaining single.

Am I the only one. But I seem to attract the bad apples that have already fallen from the tree and even the birds and worms are too disgusted to feed on them. I blame it on the baby mama stigma ,that society has placed on us. For some reason everyone seems to think that all baby mamas are low life women that have children from different men, or are uneducated young desperate girls that like to chase after men and end up pregnant.

Nobody even bothers to stop and think, okay maybe she is a single mom because she had a bad husband or boyfriend. Maybe her husband or boyfriend was cheating on her ,none stop and in the end still left for another woman (yep, that’s me!).

Anyways, seems I have wondered off the topic.

I initially wanted to address how to juggle life as a single parent or at least how I manage to juggle my life.. lol. I guess I just have to cover that in the next blog because when  words flow, they flow. Ain’t no stopping them.

For those of you that are single parents, hope you can relate and those that are not, this is our world.

Please leave your comments below!


I am a single working mother of two. Aspiring novelist and blogger and also a Dental hygienist and Therapist.

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