How I juggle successfully- Single mama power!



Juggling everything as a single mom is not easy and yet its the most important aspect to managing your life, making sure its healthy and well balanced. I have listed a few things that I do leading to successful juggling.

  1. Determination– You wont get far unless  you really want something to happen or change. You are your own boss, motivator and cheerleader. You can only succeed as much as you are willing to put in.
  2. Patience– there are so many things that you need to juggling as a single mom and keeping calm will help you to achieve most of what you want to achieve. Getting stressed and losing your cool is just disruptive and gets you no where. Your children will probably put more pressure on everything but just remember, they are children and they have no sense of what is really happening. You are the adult and you are in control. KEEP CALM, DON’T LOSE YOUR SHIT!

  1. Discipline- the above two will be pointless if you are not disciplined. You have to keep to the routine. Once you get the routine mastered, the rest becomes old news and easy peasy. I have to wake up at 6.30am during work days so I can get to work on time. When I am not working  and I have to drop the girls off at school, well I can wake up at 7am. However I noticed by waking up at 6 am everyday, whether I am going to work or not meant I was doing more in the day than when I changed my routine all the time.                                                                                                              I then decided to try and work up at 6am  everyday instead so I could do 30 mins of exercise in my room before preparing for work or getting my daughters up to prepare for school.  I found that by the time I woke the girls up, I had prepared their uniforms, made their breakfast, tidied up the house and even wrote a few pages to my novel ( I am writing a few novels by the way, will up date on publishing). It was hard keeping this routine but with determination and patience well I become disciplined enough to do it every morning without fail. At the end, I felt good, energised , awake and motivated to tackle the world. Try it and you wont regret!
  2. Diary and checklist– yes this might seem a bit old fashioned but these two items get me through all my organisation. Our brains are computers however when you have multiple things to remember – well the stress of it all makes you forgetful. Besides, I found that storing all that information just made me more stressed and we all know when you are stressed well ain’t nothing getting done! Some people work better under stress but me- I just shut down. However when I put all my schedules and appointments in my diary and a create a weekly check list with the date of the deadline. I found that cleared my head and allowed me to relax and focus on other things. Setting daily reminders and alarms as well is part of it. There is no need to stress your brain out when technology is so advanced you get reminders and organisers on your phone. I personally prefer paper, yes Old school but that’s what works for me….Why don’t you try it.
  3. Prioritising– now this is a big one. Not everything can take priority. The use of a diary and checklist can help you with that.
  4. Planning in advance– for everything in life, its good to plan in advance especially if you know its gonna happen. For example, school holidays, we all know those are going to happen. Write them down in your diary and set reminders. Ask work for time off if you can or arrange childcare in advance or whatever it is you do with your children during those holidays.  Last minute planning just gives you stress and also becomes more expensive as you end up planning things out of desperation. however, planning in advance allows you to catch all the deals, gives you time to save up for the occasion and most of all piece of mind so you can leave space in that brain for innovation.
  5. House work– now I know this is something most of us dont think about. However, as a working single mom of two who is also writing novels and a blog, well I dont always have time to spring clean the house or do the ironing. I have decided to enlist the help of a cleaner. I maintain the house for the other 6 days and once a week she comes to spring clean the whole house and do the ironing. This removes a lot of stress and work off my shoulders considering I hate ironing as well. Its also not as expensive as you think. I would rather remove money from my social events to pay for this help as a clean, tidy and well kept house brings peace and relaxation.
  6. Work– I have decided to work a few days in the week so I can take my daughters to school on the other days and help them or get involved with their homework and school activities. Now I am blessed to have a well paying job so I can afford to work less days. So i know this option might not be available for every parent, however as this blog is about my experience and what I do. Well thought I would put it there.
  7. Finances– an accounting ledger can take you places you haven’t I last saw an accounting ledger in my secondary school, but the other day as I was walking into WHSmith. I saw one sitting there on the shelf. So I thought I would try to keep up to date with my accounts. When I got home, I wrote down all my expenses, my expected income and calculated how much I should have at the end of the month. I then took out an amount for unexpected situation and the rest went into the saving.  By doing this it helped me to keep on top of my out goings and in coming- if my out goings was over the usual amount that month this helped me to find out why and fix it. Now I have different accounts for all my expenses and my income- social events and savings. I found this made it easy to manage my money. Before that all my income and expenses where going in and coming out of the same account. This was confusing. But now by having an expense account, I have set up an outstanding order each month for that exact amount to leave my Income account to the expenses account- thus helping me to know what my expenses are and how much each month. If I ended up going out spontaneously that comes out of my unexpected events account but the savings is never touched- only money going in , unless there is a massive unavoidable emergency. This is how I keep track of my monies and try to save. Online banking has made it even easier for us. Keep on top of your monies and life will be less stressful, you might just be able to save. But always set realistic goals when it comes to saving. You don’t want to put money into the saving only to withdraw it out again. We all know, this just makes you disappointed and makes you feel like you cant save- yes, that’s already stress there.
  8. Reward yourself- with you working so hard to make sure you and your children’s lives are successful and stress free . Please never forget to reward yourself. Set targets and promise yourself a reward at the end of it if you pull it off. This can be a very good motivator for all ages, you are never too young for rewards


I am a single working mother of two. Aspiring novelist and blogger and also a Dental hygienist and Therapist.

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