Possible careers!




I found this quite interesting and truly weird. Facebook somehow managed to guess some of the careers that took my interest just by using my photo. Many people have said due to my personality a lawyer ….my talent- a celebrity. But the Psychiatrist,Β  well that’s new. What i find funny is the fact that it starts by saying that I am used to dealing with crazy people and boy, have there been plenty crazy people in my life….lol

Since I am a dental hygienist/therapist, does that mean I am in the wrong profession Facebook?

Perhaps, we can look at this in a different way in connection to my profession.

A lawyer:

So, I might not be able to defend people with the law. However , I am still a public defender in a way. I defend people from bacteria and gum disease. I might not be able to give legal advise. But I can give very good Oral hygiene advise.

We both believe that the truth shall set you free, however we manage to accept the lies (patients lying about their oral hygiene routine) as there is nothing we can do about it but still defend you even though we know you are lying. (yes we know!)



Like celebrities, my patients (Fans) have to book appointments (concerts) to see me.

I have a 3/4 months waiting list (sold out concerts) for my patients (fans) which makes me in demand and well known as I get a lot of patients coming to me from recommendations and referrals (lots of marketing).


I am just a warm person. Almost all my patients open up to me and tell me what is wrong with them (toothache) and what kind of pain they are in( sensitivity), how they are feeling during their appointment (they hate the hygienist). My job is to listen to my patients and make them feel better. Now i have had some patients tell them things that can shock you in the dental chair but because of patient and hygienist (doctor) private confidentiality, I cant exactly tell you.

So well done Facebook, you really got this one on point! I am just shocked you didn’t include a butcher in the list, as the number of patients I have heard complain about us being butchers is very scary! (refer to stay true to yourself blog for the full story and meaning of this statement)

For those who dont get it, well a bit of dental humour, hope there are a few people in dentistry that follow me so they can get this!


I am a single working mother of two. Aspiring novelist and blogger and also a Dental hygienist and Therapist.

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