Behind every successful man, is a woman!



This is so true and I learnt this first hand. At least my ex also acknowledges this point and is not shy to mention it.

It takes a special kind of woman to uplift her man without claiming credit for herself. My blog isn’t to claim credit but to discuss the matter that behind every successful man, is a woman and to clarify exactly which woman I am talking about, lol. I can only do that by using my situation as an example…

Now, I am talking about the woman who met a man who could hardly speak English. She didn’t judge him for this but instead took it upon herself to teach him to speak better English and now he is so fluent.

I am talking about the woman who met a man driving a very small damaged van that looked like it would just break down at any moment. I swear he used to squeeze himself into that thing. Imagine the Hulk coming out of a mini, lol.

I am talking about a woman who stood by her  man who could hardly secure a painting job. But I didn’t judge him, instead I helped him to build his company up. I managed his company, spoke to clients,created contracts ,brought in ideas and so forth, all these things helped him build it to what it is today. Now he has four big vans all with the company logo, he is working on lofts and extensions. All the big projects.

I am talking about the woman who saw potential in her man to encourage him to start property development and stay at his side to research the process and how to succeed in it. Then encouraged him to bid on his first property and helped to foresee the conveyancing process ,which was a lot of stress with the lawyers but as I was the one who was more knowledgeable with the law and better management. Well, naturally I took over and helped throughout the process. Now he owns a property that has been fully renovated and is on sale. He is looking to invest in other properties too…

I am talking about that woman who stood by her man’s side throughout the cheating and remained strong to build her family up and make sure her children had the best future a mother could possibly guarantee.

However, I am not talking about the woman who stole the successful man. If he was already successful when you arrived then you are not that woman. You are the woman feeding off another woman’s hard work and sweat. You are the woman reaping what you didn’t sow. You are the woman who will bring the downfall of the successful man. You are just not the woman behind a successful man.

This has been proven as well because unfortunately that successful man is now a struggling man. He is a man who just can’t seem to pick himself up. He is the man I first met.

“Behind every successful man is a woman. Not just any woman. A special kind of woman”!

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I am a single working mother of two. Aspiring novelist and blogger and also a Dental hygienist and Therapist.

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