Alexa, please read me a story?


So my ex decided to give me and the girls  Alexa as a present, we have grown to like her so much. My children love complimenting her and she loves it, lol.

This is a tool that I have added to my juggling system and it works so well (refer to how to juggle successfully as a single mom blog)

When cooking and I need a timer, all I do is ask Alexa . No need to wash my hands and grab my phone to set one up. When I am preparing the girls for school and I am busy with their hair but need to know what the time is, all I have to do is ask Alexa  and she obediently tells me. She sets alarms and many other things. Honestly makes my life easier. When I am at home and  I have her in the back ground playing music, she will pause to follow my instructions or answer my questions. I would recommend it to anyone with a very busy schedule as she does make your work load lighter. So a very useful gift. Thank you ex!

Now, as I was investigating what else Alexa could do for me, I realised she can also read audible books. I thought my daughters would enjoy that. So I explained to my youngest who is 4 years old that she could ask Alexa to read her a book. Alexa then apologised and said I needed to subscribe for £7 a month first before I would have access to the audible books.

I turned around to my daughter and said to her

“baby, Alexa wont be able to read books now because mommy needs to set up payment” I always try to use big words with my daughters so they can catch on faster.

“What’s payment mummy” she asked as I knew she would

“It means Alexa needs mummy to give her money so she can read the books for you” I explained. My daughter opened her mouth wide with shock and then giggled.

Later that evening as I was preparing them both for bed. My youngest daughter jumped out of bed with excitement.

“Where you going baby?” I asked in confusion. She looked at me with her big eyes and smiled then knelt next to Alexa who at the time was playing nursery rhymes. She then placed one pence on top of Alexa and asked in the sweetest of voice:

“Alexa, can you read me a story now?”

My heart just melted. My fault. I failed to explained that I needed to set up a payment on my phone. My daughter thought she would accept her money as well for a story…

The innocence of children. I took my daughter into my arms giggling as her sister aged 6 years old giggled along at the thought. I definitely have to subscribe now that she has paid Alexa, lol…

These are precious and priceless moments which I will always cherish as a mother.


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I am a single working mother of two. Aspiring novelist and blogger and also a Dental hygienist and Therapist.

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