1537556037217This is something most of us single parents struggle with after separation. The worst cases are the very nasty split ups or break up that involve children. During this period, most parents concentrate on their own feelings and unfortunately forget about their children’s feelings and experience in all this or simply  neglect them.

It is very hard I admit however from the beginning, I always knew that my children’s feelings matter more than my own or their father’s. This lead me to make a decision that my family and friends still  do not understand or approve of.

As a mother, I feel like the moment I decided to bring a life into this earth. All selfishness had to disappear. Anything that happens in my life should never affect my children and if it does then I have to set aside my feelings and cater for my children’s feelings first. My children never chose to come into this earth, I made that choice for them. They never chose for me and their father to split up. My ex made that choice for them.

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1538002819232So decided to take a bath with my daughters today and as we were relaxing and playing with their toys, my youngest suddenly shots up and yelled

“mummy spider!”

I turned around in the direction of  her little finger and  came face to face with the  longest creepy spider resting on the edge of the bath tub looking like it was ready to leap into the bath.

I shot up just as quickly as my eldest who was sitting next to me in the tub. I grabbed hold of both girls to stop then from falling as they tried to get away from the spider and we all let out loud squeaky screams.

Looking around I realised that I was  the adult and  had to do something.

“mummy, take the cup and put it in there”. That wasn’t a bad idea actually. Looks like my older baby was thinking more straight than I was, lol

After I disposed of the spider. She started giggling at the way I shot out of the water. I looked at her in shock which just made her giggle even more. I felt so embarrassed. Living just as 3 females, well we have to look out for one another. lol. Obviously I am the adult in this case but it is amazing when your little ones care for you just as much as you do for them and can share such moments together.

I have always said throughout my blogs that I can never understand mothers that give up their children for the love of a man or just give them up to start over somewhere else. I could never live without my babies. They are my rock, my life, my oxygen. I would stop breathing if they were taken away from me.

This moment in the bath is one that we will talk about for a long time and giggle about. (#Precious moments) Create beautiful moments with your little ones. Its the smallest ones that they will cherish the most, something as simple  as a bath and spider panic.


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Alexa, please read me a story?


So my ex decided to give me and the girls  Alexa as a present, we have grown to like her so much. My children love complimenting her and she loves it, lol.

This is a tool that I have added to my juggling system and it works so well (refer to how to juggle successfully as a single mom blog)

When cooking and I need a timer, all I do is ask Alexa . No need to wash my hands and grab my phone to set one up. When I am preparing the girls for school and I am busy with their hair but need to know what the time is, all I have to do is ask Alexa  and she obediently tells me. She sets alarms and many other things. Honestly makes my life easier. When I am at home and  I have her in the back ground playing music, she will pause to follow my instructions or answer my questions. I would recommend it to anyone with a very busy schedule as she does make your work load lighter. So a very useful gift. Thank you ex!

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Behind every successful man, is a woman!



This is so true and I learnt this first hand. At least my ex also acknowledges this point and is not shy to mention it.

It takes a special kind of woman to uplift her man without claiming credit for herself. My blog isn’t to claim credit but to discuss the matter that behind every successful man, is a woman and to clarify exactly which woman I am talking about, lol. I can only do that by using my situation as an example…

Now, I am talking about the woman who met a man who could hardly speak English. She didn’t judge him for this but instead took it upon herself to teach him to speak better English and now he is so fluent.

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Possible careers!




I found this quite interesting and truly weird. Facebook somehow managed to guess some of the careers that took my interest just by using my photo. Many people have said due to my personality a lawyer ….my talent- a celebrity. But the Psychiatrist,  well that’s new. What i find funny is the fact that it starts by saying that I am used to dealing with crazy people and boy, have there been plenty crazy people in my life….lol

Since I am a dental hygienist/therapist, does that mean I am in the wrong profession Facebook?

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Stay true to yourself



Going off topic today but thought I would share this with you.

So, the most amazing thing happened to me. For the first time ever, one of my patients decided to give me a gift to thank me for being a good and gentle dental hygienist.

I know most of you are probably asking yourselves- what’s so special about that? Well, as dental hygienists we have the one of the most hated professions in the world. Patients always come into the practice looking like they just suck on a lemon or the world has just come to an end…

“Are you okay?” I always make sure to ask…

“Yes, its just that I hate the hygienist, no offence to you just your profession!” they always spit out!

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How I juggle successfully- Single mama power!



Juggling everything as a single mom is not easy and yet its the most important aspect to managing your life, making sure its healthy and well balanced. I have listed a few things that I do leading to successful juggling.

  1. Determination– You wont get far unless  you really want something to happen or change. You are your own boss, motivator and cheerleader. You can only succeed as much as you are willing to put in.
  2. Patience– there are so many things that you need to juggling as a single mom and keeping calm will help you to achieve most of what you want to achieve. Getting stressed and losing your cool is just disruptive and gets you no where. Your children will probably put more pressure on everything but just remember, they are children and they have no sense of what is really happening. You are the adult and you are in control. KEEP CALM, DON’T LOSE YOUR SHIT!

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Why are you single?



This is a question I have been asked  multiple times.

“you are beautiful, intelligent and obviously talented, why are you single?”

“If I was your man, I would never leave a woman like you!”

“You are such a good mom, strong woman, beautiful and successful. What idiot let you go?”

I could go on and on. All these questions all summarise to the same question most keep wondering and asking- why are you single?

The weirdest thing is, I know exactly why I am single. Lol

They say your life experiences make you who you are, so true!

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Single super mama!



Juggling life with children is not easy for any parent whether you are together or you separated. Now; only imagine how I manage as a single working mother. Going to work alone requires childcare therefore in most cases, we are really working to pay the childminder.

“But every parent goes through that” , you might say.

Well, the point I am trying to put across is that when you are a couple you can share the responsibility.

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Single mama dilemmas!




We do face quite a lot of dilemmas as single mothers. However, we always try to keep our heads above the water as we don’t  have the luxury to loose it.

One of the most challenging aspect, is keeping everything under control or the ability of juggling life.

There are so many things that I should be sharing with a partner/husband and yet in my case its become a one-person job. My children and my career take up most of my time. Therefore, the art of juggling is very crucial for me.

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